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"The real conversations required to sustain a relationship are easily
recognized. They are the ones that keep getting put off for another day."

- David Whyte

Short-Course Workshops

The key to effective communication is knowing yourself. These flexible workshops help you assess your personal style and values. By the time you're done, you'll have learned how to create change in your environment - and in the way you see the world.

Communicating with Style From the Inside Out
Understand your style and how it affects the success of your communication
Develop strategies to improve how you communicate
Find out how to capitalize on your successes to create even more

The only person you can change is yourself. We offer the tools and techniques to
ensure your success as an effective communicator.

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CONFLICT - This Eight Letter Word is Good for Business
Learn how not to take it personally
Become adept at dealing with the most difficult situations
Give others what they want while getting what you want

Conflict means different things to all of us. Some will wade right into the fray.
Others will run just as quickly in the opposite direction. Learn to recognize what
conflict means to you and how you can take immediate steps to lessen its impact
and use it as a tool for creative solutions.

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Feedback - Breakfast of Champions
Learn how to give feedback that results in action
Overcome your reluctance to give 'bad news'
Offer words of praise appropriately, with confidence and conviction

Whether you manage people or are part of a team, giving feedback is absolutely
crucial. People want to know two things - when they are doing a good job and how
they might do better. Learn how to capitalize on tried and true methods to become
adept with bosses, co-workers and clients.

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Client organizations include:
Not-For-Profit Sectors


Additional programs tailored to you:
Igniting the Passions
Hitting the Wall
Focus / Change / Balance


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