Beyond Boundaries Corporate and Professional Coaching

The first step in mining
    your company's spirit
If it had not been for the coaching you provided I am
quite certain I would not have been successful
in obtaining my recent promotion.

- Senior Executive, Government Ministry
Strictly Business

Strictly Business

One-on-One Coaching for Competence

Have you:
Just been promoted and need to gain clarity or set direction?
Received a 360 assessment or performance appraisal with some very specific development goals?
Been having difficulty in managing groups?
Taken over the management of a new group or project?

Our one-on-one coaching can help you define and develop your strengths.
Customizable coaching programs allow you to choose the issues you want to work on, as well as the length and timing of the sessions. We estimate that it takes approximately 6 - 12 hours of coaching for a client to develop one to two competencies.

Beyond Boundaries ensures complete confidentiality and a safe space to work.
Discover what's important to you and who you want to be
Define a strategy and action plan
Learn from experience and move forward
Celebrate wins and support challenges
Be accountable

I have been challenged in a way I'm not sure I have ever experienced.
I've been able to deal with a situation at work that has been there forever.

RW, Nurse

Team Coaching

'TEAM' is an attitude.

A new manager, a new project, a temporary dysfunction or a compelling performance challenge. These are some of the reasons to consider team coaching.

Peak performance, enhanced learning and personal fulfillment, are all important aspects of a fully functioning team experience. A coached process heightens the awareness of the team and its members. As team awareness is enhanced different choices can be made and trust of the team and team members can grow. The role of the coach ensures a faster assimilation of new processes and a deeper understanding of each team member. Team members become accountable for the creation their own personal goals along with the what, how and when of their group. Learning and communication are enhanced - free of judgment and blame.

Contact us to find out more about how team coaching.

'A team remains the most flexible and most powerful unit of performance to
bring about change in any organization.'

- Katzenbach & Smith

Beyond Boundaries…Beyond Coaching
Beyond Boundaries supports and extends personal coaching. Programs such as
Personalizing Leadership, BB-1 and BB-2 help you uncover and implement the life
changes you wish to make.

Contact us to learn more about the power and impact of coaching and personal leadership.

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