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- IT Manager
Success Stories

Success Stories

The Reluctant Manager (From Techie to Manager)
A senior professional had been asked to consider a management position. She resisted because of her concern that she didn't have the political will or stamina to do battle at the management level of the organization. She also thought that she would lose her technical edge and thus her ability to influence direction in their leading edge environment.

With Beyond Boundaries Coaching she uncovered the real problem - she didn't think that she had the skill to manage people. Coaching coupled with an assessment showed her she could utilize her superior project management skills as they were the same skills used in a slightly different way. The focus then became transfer strategies.

Too much to do Too little time
A young high potential product manager was hampered in getting important work done because he was saddled with virtually two jobs and working in excess of sixty five hours a week.

Beyond Boundaries Coaching helped him define a plan giving him the most critical tasks to meet his objectives and off-loading the rest to a more appropriate individual. He was successful in his presentation to his bosses and shortly thereafter received a promotion as a result of meeting and exceeding his objectives.

Get rid of those Monkeys
A senior IT project manager whose need to get things done and done right caused him to take on his staff's problems and priorities. He had also recently received 360° feedback indicating a need to improve in at least three other competency areas.

With Beyond Boundaries Coaching he discovered that if he implemented two very specific strategies he would be improving in all four competency categories.

There are other ways to lead people
A vice-president responsible for a key marketing group in this large manufacturing company wanted to hone her leadership skills. Her strong opinions and caustic wit were reducing her influence with both her staff and her peers. With coaching she was able to recognize the reasons for becoming opinionated and sarcastic.

Beyond Boundaries co-developed strategies to help her reduce those habit patterns and focus more on a higher influence/ get-it-done style. This development of new and more effective leadership strategies allowed those most capable to get the job done and not have to anticipate what they might expect when meeting with her.

Benefits of working with a Coach
Working with a coach from the very onset has increased my productivity and effectiveness at work. Understanding my own style and learning to recognize the styles of other people have helped me to get things done through others, and have everyone involved feel motivated and empowered.
- Senior Executive, Marketing & Communications Firm

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