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"The single most important variable in employee productivity
and loyalty turns out to be …. the quality of the relationship
between employees and their direct supervisors."
- Gallup Poll of 1 million workers
Personalizing Leadership

Personalizing Leadership

A solid introduction to developing high impact leaders within your company.

During the course of the "Personalizing Leadership" program, each participant will develop their own unique personal leadership template.

We are all leaders. We lead by virtue of who we are - whether it's employees, our children or just ourselves. Developing our potential requires focus, dedication and personal commitment.

Refining your understanding of leadership and becoming "consciously competent" is a crucial part of personal and professional leadership.

  The Beyond Boundaries Personalizing Leadership program will help you:
Identify current personal leadership capabilities
Develop a Personalized Leadership Template™
Create a leadership 'persona' for use in developing conscious competence
Evaluate, acknowledge and celebrate successes

Complete a plan to evolve superior leadership style and abilities in the future



Personalizing Leadership Program:
Part 1
Develop an individual leadership template & plan
Part 2
Implement action (in conjunction with a Leadership Guide/High Impact Leadership)
Part 3
Create long term strategy to fine-tune superior leadership capabilities


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