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I discovered, at an early age, that I missed 100%
of the shots I did not take.
- Wayne Gretzky
Personal Coaching

Personal /Professional Coaching

What are your boundaries?
Everyone has a different definition of what it takes to "go beyond" his or her boundaries. Some just need to set boundaries. Some people need clarity. Some are looking for focus. Some need to assess their courage and commitment.

Coaching is about asking the right questions.
Personal coaching begins with the knowledge that people have their own answers. Your Beyond Boundaries coach is trained to ask questions that enable you to draw on your own resources.

Clients develop personal strategies to:
Get to the next level
Balance professional and personal lives
Build strong healthy relationships
Tap into hidden resources
Find a new passion, follow a dream


The first step is the
willingness to make changes.






Fast forward with one-on-one coaching.

Customized, one-on-one coaching is specifically oriented to helping an individual move forward quickly to deal with personal or professional issues.

Our clients come from many walks of life, from corporate executives and professionals to your friends and neighbours. Let a Beyond Boundaries coach support your efforts to become the best you can be.

Beyond Boundaries coaching sessions for individuals offer:
Safety and Support

Breakthrough your limitations with Beyond Boundaries
personal coaching.

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