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"Success is a combination of clear intent, sincere effort and commitment. Success in not an accident! "

- Tanmayo Krupanszky
About Us

About Us

Pat Vann is a leadership and team coach, facilitator and consultant. Her background includes over 20 years experience as the human resources and employee development manager for national and international corporations such as Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd. and Sony of Canada.

With over 3,500 hours of leadership and competency coaching, she has worked with presidents, managers and professionals to develop personal strategies to achieve their goals by utilizing their own strengths and the talents of their staff. Her keen sense of how to navigate organizational culture and politics enables people to widen their personal and professional networks for career success.

Affiliated with the Adler School of Professional Coaching (, Pat has worked with them to develop their highly successful ParentCoaching program.

Pat is a firm believer in the power of the individual and has over the years has made this a prime focus. She has given back through her involvement as a volunteer on numerous boards and committees from daycare and young peoples' groups to professional associations.

You can reach Pat at:

Tanmayo Krupanszky Hons. B.A., C.P.C.C. is a professional coach, facilitator and speaker. Trained and certified in the co-active coaching model with the Coaches Training Institute, Tanmayo supports leaders and teams who want to refocus their priorities, know what motivates them and learn how to make lasting changes. Her clients include executives, senior management and strategic leadership teams.

Tanmayo's wide ranging life experiences have given her an ability to help others navigate the challenging and stressful demands of both professional and personal lives. As an award winning social-issue documentary filmmaker and editor, Tanmayo's work moves people to lead inspired lives and engage fully in what they are doing. As a trained career counselor she understands the current pressures facing employers and employees in a radically changing time. Her work has taken her from life on a cattle ranch in the Australian outback to studying with renowned mystics in India.

Tanmayo's clients have inspired her as she continues to create opportunities to support and develop the talents and skills of others. 'Like an oasis in the desert' is how one of Tanmayo's clients has described the impact of coaching in her life. Tanmayo lives the philosophy that ‘nothing is impossible to a willing heart’. Advancing the wave of a new industry, Tanmayo has been coaching for 5 years and is involved in developing the growing coaching community.

You can reach Tanmayo at:

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